Frank Berg industrial supplies IBC adapters, Stainless steel Camlock couplings and fitings
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IBC Adapter S92x4 - DN80

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Frank Berg industrial supplies is supplier of a wide range of various IBC container spare parts and accessories including adapters, couplings, fittings, valves and other components. These fittings are available for each type and brand IBC container, any type of thread (fine or coarse) S60x6, S100x8, 2" BSP, 2 1/8" BSP, S92x4, M80x3 and for each application (chemical or food approved)


Brands of IBC tanks which are especially suitable for our IBC adaptors:
Schutz (Ecobulk), Mamor (Mauser), Fustiplast (Flubox), Werit, Sotralenz, Plasti-bac, Kingtainer (chinese IBC), Clawson, Conbulk etc
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